Welcome message of program Coordinator

Dear Students,

Your decision to continue education in a study program of Economics is certainly one of the most important in your life. Now, since you've made ​​a decision to join our academic institution, I'd like to congratulate you on the courage of making good decision and good choice. Keep in mind that this decision will allow you to get learning opportunities that will prepare you for a better understanding of a broad macroeconomic and microeconomics forces affecting business strategy and public policy. Also, a wide variety of courses offered in Economics program will allow you to acquire new levels of quality education and new skills needed in the professional environment relevant to your job and your career.

The education and connections you gain from the Economics program at IUS can open the doors and accelerate the path for your desired career destination by opening up new horizons of possibilities. Our unique approach to education goes beyond the classroom and enables us to be different from the competition by ensuring that our students are extremely satisfied with all aspects of their education. Every part of your experience at Economics Program is designed to give you the tools needed in your future professional field, including internship programs that can help you to explore areas of career interest.  We work in direct partnership with the leaders of major lines of private sector, such as: commercial banks, investment management funds, private companies and agencies, where our students perform one semester of internship during the summer time. Moreover, a degree in Economics provides graduates with a range of transferrable skills to be used in their future employment. It provides students with appropriate analysis tools for contemporary economic issues and problems of economic policies.

We offer high quality teaching and dedicated, innovative and effective academic staff. Almost all of our subjects are taught by a permanent staff, holding PhD degrees from recognized international universities. A strong research culture exists at Economics department at IUS that allows teachers to exercise even greater expertise and track current topics in the field of economics.

I am sure that, as a future part of our innovative program, you will find the unique program knowledge and experience needed to be an independent actor in a constantly and rapidly changing business world.

Welcome aboard!