About ECON

What is Economics program about?

Economics is the science that studies how society organizes the use of limited resources, namely time, money, factors of production such as labour, natural resources, capital, and the like. In the modern world resources cannot be organized by a central planner, but the organization is done through the combined resources and cooperation of a large number of households and firms. Economists study how people make decisions, such as how to do, what to buy, how to save, how much to invest and so on.  An economic analysis begins from the premise that individuals have goals and that they pursue those goals as best they can. Ultimately, economists make policy recommendations that they believe will make people better off. This shows that Economics is particularly interesting and challenging programme that engages students throughout their degrees and offers excellent prospects after graduation.

What will you study  in Economics Program?

The field of studies in economics is typically divided into two broad or basic categories, microeconomics and macroeconomics.  Microeconomics is the study of the decisions made by an individual, company or country and how these decisions affect the market for goods and services. Macroeconomics also deals with issues of national economic policies as a whole and focuses on the study of inflation, unemployment and economic growth.  Besides these two main divisions there are also the following branches: international economics, a branch of the economy which studies the relations between countries in trade in goods and services; financial economics that studies the relationships between financial agents; the public economy, which deals with matters of public finance; development economics that studies the models of local and general social development, labour economics that deals with labour market issues, etc. 

Job opportunities for our graduates

Economics program at IUS aims to produce graduates who are well prepared for careers in business, government, consulting or education.   Students of the Faculty of Business and Administration, Department of Economics, will build their education through the micro and macroeconomics, financial management and business law and European Union.  After graduation, students are trained to work in banks, financial institutions, government institutions, NGOs, local and foreign companies. They will become experts who can help in faster joining of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union and contribute to faster development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.